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List of Changes from V4.0.189 to V4.0.228
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Release 4.0

Changes from ChaosPro V4.0.189 to V4.0.228

Most of the changes done in the version are not listed here. Only the most important things are mentioned.


  • Bug fixed means that the bahaviour was not intended by the author and has been changed.

  • New means the feature is new

  • Changed means the behaviour of ChaosPro has been changed in any way, most of the time in order to make ChaosPro more intuitive.
  • Improved means the behaviour has been improved somehow.

List of Changes

  • Bug fixed Switching to Scrollbar mode while Quaternion or Attractor has been calculated created a heightfield transformation, has been fixed, now only redraws the finished image.
  • Bug fixed Moving around a Quaternion fractal with the mouse did not create an Undo point. Fixed, now an Undo point will be created when you release the left mouse button and thus finish moving the fractal.
  • Improved Quaternions now use all CPUs and cores which are available in order to speed up the fractal generation.
  • Bug fixed When zooming into a Quaternion and the window had scrollbars the zooming did not pay attention to the position of the scrollbar
  • Bug fixed Quaternion allocated much too much memory due to a wrong multiplication. This could lead to a crash, as so much memory was not available
  • Bug fixed FractInt formulas using "ismand" parameter were not imported correctly. Has been fixed. FractInt formulas need to be re-imported.
  • New Quaternions: Ambient AO added
  • Bug fixed Loading an animation parameter file might modify the key frame names of an animation
  • Improved Lighting for Quaternions speeded up
  • Bug fixed Quaternion animation frames were sometimes re-calculated although nothing changed (due to a rounding error).
  • Bug fixed Shadow rendering enhanced: Shadows were not rendered correctly when viewed from front
  • Bug fixed Windows Vista Aero Theme: Titels of windows in container bar were rendered wrong. This is due to a bug in Windows Vista Aero Theme.
  • New Panels added: GUI element which groups other elements: Can be collapsed and expanded.
  • New ChaosPro now stores all modifiable data under your user account. Please note that the data there won't be uninstalled during uninstall. Additionally, if you install a new version of ChaosPro the files may be overwritten.
  • Improved Shadow Casting with Quaternions improved
  • Bug fixed Crash with Windows Vista removed.
  • Bug fixed Functions inside formulas were not displayed correctly during an animation as settings were not copied/initialized correctly!
  • Bug fixed Duplicating a fractal did not work for every fractal type
  • Bug fixed Shortcuts did not work
  • Bug fixed ChaosPro blocks on an 8-core-machine when minimizing an Attractor fractal.
  • Bug fixed ChaosPro restarts the calculation when miniziming the application and a fractal has been maximized.
  • New Quaternions: "Inside"-View implemented
  • New Quaternions: New Zoom Feature implemented for Quaternions to allow easy zooming
  • Bug fixed Tool tips for toolbar reactivated (were disabled)
  • Improved Fractals now render immediately, you don't need to click on the green traffic light any more.
  • Bug fixed Errors during import of some of David Makins formulas fixed (MMFwip3D.ufm and mmf4.ucl)
  • Bug fixed constants from -10 to 10 could be overwritten by constant local variables in sub functions
  • Bug fixed Color picker from palette editor did not work outside its own window
  • New Variables for distance estimation added: estimatedDistance, currentRayIndex,hasBeenHit
  • Bug fixed Writing back to parameters did not work properly for Quaternions due to multi threading
  • New Quaternion: Depth of Field implemented
  • New Quaternion: Formulas for distance estimation added
    In order to support distance estimation the following variables have been added:
    estimatedDistance: Estimated distance from object
    currentRayIndex: Number of scans performed so far
    hasBeenHit: True if fractal has been found and final loop is executing. No distance estimation needed!
  • New Compiler: Function sincos added: Calculates sine and cosine of a real argument.
  • Improved In case a formula needed for rendering a fractal cannot be found/compiled, ChaosPro will now display an error text inside the fractal window. Formerly only the message window contained the exact error, and if that window was minimized or hidden, you won't see the error and just a black window appeared...
  • New Quaternion: Fog added
  • Improved new version of libpng included
  • Bug fixed Loading of images from another drive did not work
  • Bug fixed Bugs fixed when importing/loading images
  • New New formula and preset added which loads images as fractals: Choose Escapetime Fractal and then select the preset "Image Import" in the formula tab.
  • New New quaternion preset added: "Inside View Mandelbulb" and "Inside View Juliabulb"