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Release 4.0

What's new in ChaosPro

Following is a short list which gives you an overview of what has changed since the previous release:

  Support for *.ugr files
  ChaosPro now can load UltraFractal *.ugr files: These kind of files contain gradient information, thus you can load and use gradients which have been created for UltraFractal.
  Compatible with "DEP" (Data Execution Prevention)
  "DEP" is a security feature in Windows XP (SP 2). It prevents applications from executing program code in data segments. Former versions of ChaosPro crashed, because the formula compiler compiled the code into a data segment and did not tell Windows that the data now contains executable code. Thus ChaosPro crashed when DEP was enabled.
  Render Jobs
  In former versions of ChaosPro you needed an enormous amount of memory in order to render fractals at a large size. Using render jobs you can render fractals in any size, limited only by the amount of hard disk space (and not memory as before).
  Mouse Wheel Support
  ChaosPro now supports a mouse wheel: It allows you to zoom in/zoom out and is very convenient for finding interesting spots.
  New settings: Redraw on resize, redraw on Mouse Wheel
  When you resized a fractal window in former versions of ChaosPro, then the image shown in it was scaled so you got an instant impression about how it looked. When you released the mouse button the fractal was always redrawn. This was quite inconvenient, as often the scaled image was already sufficient. So now the automatic redraw on resize (or when zooming using the mouse wheel) can be disabled. You then can manually start a redraw by pressing F5.
  Menu item: Revert all changes
  Sometimes you changed a fractal which you had previously saved and the result was unsatisfactory. Using the menu item "Revert all changes" lets you undo all changes and go back to the last saved state.
  Numerous bugs fixed
  Numerous bugs fixed.