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Release 4.0


Presets in ChaosPro are preset parameters which are used as starting points for your explorations.

When you create a new fractal a standard fractal will appear, like the one you can see at the right side.

Often you then change the iteration formula to your favorite formula and the coloring formula to a formula which you are used to. Then you set the parameters to some specific start parameters, you change the palette as the default palette is not suitable.

And then you start exploring the fractal by modifying the object and the parameters further.

For example the Mandelbulb fractals for fractal type "Quaternion": In order to create them you need to do the following:

  1. ...create a standard "Quaternion" fractal
  2. ...change the iteration formula to the Mandelbulb formula
  3. ...change the coloring formula to a usable formula
  4. ...change the palette
  5. ...adjust some other settings like depth of field
And then you have a standard Mandelbulb fractal (see image below) as a starting point for your experiments...quite much work when simply wanting to explore them.

Presets allow you to shorten this by defining a set of default parameters for a specific fractal type and give this parameter set a name. In fact, the same can be achieved by simply saving the initial parameters to a parameter file and then start exploring from that. But presets are even a tick more user friendly in that it even avoids selecting that parameter folder and then the entry inside it.

You can access the available presets everywhere from a formula selection button: That's the button as found here. You access the available presets by simply clicking onto the button with the right mouse button. Remember, selecting a formula is done with the left mouse button.

When you click onto that button a context menu will appear which offers the currently available presets:

You now can just select one of them and then you can start exploring.

If you click onto "Browse" the standard formula selection window will appear, just as you would have clicked onto the formula selection button with the left mouse button.

If you want to define your own presets you can do that by choosing "Define..." from the menu: This will open yet another window. In this window you now can add, delete and rearrange the presets. Adding a preset will add the current fractal with all parameters to it. So if you want to define a new preset, adjust a fractal, then choose "Define..." from the context menu and click "Add Fractal". If you click "Add" only the current tab gets saved. This allows you to create for example a coloring preset.

Presets are automatically saved as soon as you define them. So you don't need to care about saving them. The file in which they are saved is in the directory "Presets". In some rare cases you might want to maually adjust the entries in that file.