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Anti Aliasing with Render Jobs

Explaining anti aliasing to people who don't know it already is quite difficult, but let's try it:
Each fractal has unlimited detail. If you zoom in, you'll see more and more details. Ok, now imagine you render a fractal. And then imagine you render the same fractal but with slightly altered coordinates (for example, change the top left coordinate after the 15th decimal point). Now compare the two resulting images. Regardless how small your changes are, both fractals will be slightly different.
In technical terms: Fractals have all frequencies, and rendering a fractal means, sampling such a fractal at discrete locations and thus with a fixed frequency.

I don't expect you understand that. But the main point is: There are parts in a fractal whose points are almost "random" if rendered: They change as soon as you slightly change any parameter. Now what's bad about that? If it looks nice, so what?

Well, those "random" pixels make the image look somewhat jagged. Have a look at the following two images: The first one is rendered with anti aliasing set to off, the second one with anti aliasing. At the first glance the second one seems to be a smoothed version of the first one. But that's not the complete truth:
By simply applying smoothing to an image you will loose some details. But the second one has all the details of the first one, and that's the advantage of anti aliasing:
Smooth an image by preserving all detail.

Anti AliasImage