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Animation Window - Settings Tab

Fig.: Animation Window - Settings Tab

This window lets you adjust some more parameters describing the animation.

  • Width / Height
    These entry fields let you specify the size of the animation. If you define illegal values (too big or too small) then the values are set to legal ones by the program.

  • Startframe / Endframe
    These entry fields define the start frame and the end frame. If you want to recalculate parts of your animation, you can set these fields to the desired values. If you set 'Endframe' to -1, then this is the same as the highest possible frame number. This way you don't have to change the value every time the total number of images increases (for example if you increase the number of images to calculate between two keyframes).

  • Name
    Specify the name of the animation. The animation will be saved using this name.

  • 3D
    Some fractal types can be displayed in 3D. If you want to create 3D animations, make sure that this checkbox is activated.

  • Interpolation
    Here you can choose how parameters should be interpolated (as described in chapter 'How to create Animations') . There exist two choices: Linear and Spline. In case of linear interpolation there most probably will occur some jerk-effects, especially when zooming. This effect will be avoided if using spline-interpolation.

  • Save Mode
    Here you can choose, whether the animation should be saved as a sequence of *.png files (choice='Pictures') or as an AVI file (choice='AVI file'). If you choose 'Pictures' then 'Name' defines the basename of every picture. The pictures then will get the basename and the image number appended (i.e. Animation1.png, Animation2.png, ...). If you choose AVI, then after starting the animation you get asked for the animation codec. Please note that not all codecs are suitable. So please test codecs before you create a large animation. Some codecs support only 8 bit, other ones only 24 bit, others are suitable for creating slide shows, others do not work at all...

  • Frames/sec
    This slider lets you choose the number of frames per second.